Bill’s ToolBox

When I start working with organizations and individuals they quickly realize that I use a lot of tools to support my work, my initiatives, my thoughts, and my life. I would recommend these to anyone.   This page summarizes the tools in the toolbox.

  • Mindjet – Mind Manager, The Brain – PersonalBrain and MindMiester:  For mind-maps.   I have almost a thousand mind-maps that I have created over the last ten or so years;
  • Scapple:  Like mind-mapping but more efficient  (new)
  • Southbeach: for doing detailed analysis of problems and solutions;
  • Insight Maker, Stella – Stock and flow and agent based simulation modelling for all kinds of applications;
  • TinderBox: Just started using this tool for exploring ideas and managing the content associated with the ideas;  This one is kind of hard to describe.
  • Firetask:  For task management;
  • Ideabook: Quick capture of ideas. Can send ideas to Firetask through Ideabook-Firetask integration;
  • Scrivener:  For larger writing efforts;
  • Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, PremierePro, AfterEffects, InDesign, Audition, Storyboard Artist:  For digital media and digital storytelling work;
  • Cubase, Cubasis, GarageBand, Tabs HD, Pianist Pro, Guitar Pro,  Logic Pro X (new):  For music and audio (never have time to do much with this);
  • Kindle (on my iPad):  Do most of my reading off the iPad with Kindle.  Currently at 200 eBooks;
  • Notability (on my iPad): Daily writing of the morning pages, and notes from all daily work activities (new)
  • Sketchbook, Adobe Ideas, Layers Pro, Paper (on my iPad) for drawing (new)
  • All the usual office stuff, Evernote, Dropbox…;
  • WordPress, Many WordPress Plugins, IntelliJ, Visual Studio, HTML5, Javascript for initiative web sites
  • Enterprise Architect and Visual Paradigm for serious solution modelling
  • (subscription), and for training (new)

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