One Good World initiative

When the first gulf war started I developed the idea for an initiative called  “One Good World” .  The idea behind it is to create a community that focuses on defining what it means to be a good person, community, business, city/town, province/state, region, country or world.  The definition of what it means to be good is developed by the community.  The definition needs to be independent of religion and culture, however, values from any religion and culture can be considered.  The community needs to agree on this shared definition of good.

Once the definition has stabilized, then a manifesto for One Good World will be developed.  This manifesto will guide the development of a roadmap  for initiatives and projects that will create actions  that will support individuals, communities, businesses, cities/towns, provinces/states, countries, and the world in creating One Good World.

More to come in near the future. For now check out One Good World News.

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