Human Rights as a way of Life!

As some of you are aware, I have started down the path of understanding and supporting human rights in a local, regional, national and global context.  I am fortunately  being guided down this path by some very knowledgeable people.  Recently I had the honour of meeting for the day with Shulameth Koenig in New York City.  Shula Koenig is a UN Human Rights award winner.  That’s the same award received by Eleanor Roosevelt, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Jimmy Carter…  I’ll be working with Shula and many others to bring about a global human rights initiative to be called “IAmDignity”.   Many people in the world give up their dignity and equality in order to survive.  This initiative will promote human rights learning so that human rights become a way of life for all and no one will have to give up their dignity or equality for any reason.

In order for me to proceed on this journey I need to understand human rights.   As my mentor’s in human rights would say – you need to know your human rights before you can realize your human rights.   The first part of the journey for me is to better understand human rights and what enablers are required for everyone on the planet to to know and realize their human rights.   As I always do, I start with one or more “Mind-Maps”.

I’ll continue to add to this post in the future through edits or comments.

The best place to start to understand human rights is with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).  Everyone needs to see and understand this declaration.  The declaration is one part of the Human Rights Framework.  More on the framework to come in a subsequent post.  An organize called the People’s Movement for Human Rights Learning has also created an un-official summary version of the 30 articles in the declaration.  The mind map included merges the un-official summary article descriptions with the declaration content.  You will have to zoom-in to see the mind map details.

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Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Also check out the Animated Declaration from the Canadian Museum of Human Rights website.

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