Time to update the five year personal vision

Every five years near the major birthdays (45, 50, 50, 55…) I update my personal vision for the next five years.  I try to come up with a simple fun saying that will help motivate me to move forward during that five year period.

Well its the first day of June.  I will be turning fifty-five in the near future.  My fun little personal vision statement for the last 5 years

“Fit, Famous, and Fabulous at Fifty-Five”

is approaching its end of term.


Like any vision statement it  was a target, an ideal future state, a stretch that was meant to guide and motivate me over the last five years.   The four components of the vision are fit, famous, fabulous, and yes fifty-five.  Having reached the age of fifty-five – I have definitely achieve one component of the vision.   The other components not so much.

Being fit, is certainly the component I have come closest to achieving. I think of fitness from both a mental and physical perspective.  I would have to say that I am the fittest I have been in the last 10-15 years.    I feel better both physically and mentally.  So I’ll take “fit” as a goal achieved – knowing full well that I am not at the fitness level I would expect of myself to say that I have achieved fitness at fifty-five.

Famous – not a chance!  I realize for a late starter like me, that fifty-five is probably too early for fame.  I have many things and ideas in place or just about in place that would help this out as I approach sixty or sixty-five.  No big rush on this one.  Not sure it is really much of the ends I should be looking for anyways!  It does however help with drive and motivation.

Fabulous – no way!  This component of the vision was meant to cover a lot of aspects of the human character and is very subjective in nature. Still have a long way to go on this.  One aspect is that my desire and ability to be with other interesting people has increased tremendously.  I’m having much greater social interactions from both a work and personal life these days. It’s disappointing to me that I didn’t have this characteristic or ability when I was younger.  Life is made so much more exciting and interesting through increased levels of social interaction and improved quality of the social transaction.   I still need to develop more skills in this regard. I am the one pursuing the contact.  In my mind, I feel a need to have it the other way around or at least in more equal proportions.   I also need to focus on what I contribute to the social transaction. Try to provide more value to others.

Fabulous is a big word, that I have yet to define. My personality has changed, the way I carry myself has changed.  I have become more confident in myself, but also more appreciative of how much more I have to do.  Perhaps that is part of being fabulous.   The “Be Genuine” theme that I coined and have placed on myself, is starting to show its value in helping to deal with simple and more complex issues in my life and helping me to be “more fabulous”.  Being genuine is about telling and living the truth (honesty), being trustworthy, being supportive and empathetic (long way to go on empathy for me), doing what you say you will do and by when (reliable), and doing things that are good for myself, the family, the community, the city, the region, the province, the country, and the world.  This last part of being genuine may seem over the top, but its not.  Being genuine is about linking all of those things together in the decisions and actions of ones life.  The actions at the individual level are linked to the outcomes we achieve from a global perspective.  It took me a long time to learn this simple concept now I am committed to acting on it for the remainder of my existence.

So this leads me to thinking about what my personal vision statement should be for sixty.

The next five years will be guided by:

Sane, stretched, socialized and satisfied at sixty.

These words were selected based on the following meanings:

  • Sane – Having a sound healthy mind, showing reason, sound judgement or good sense;
  • Stretched – To reach forth, or extend; To stretch oneself  mentally, physically, and emotionally;
  • Socialized – To prepare for life in society; to make social; make fit for life in companionship with others; to associate or mingle sociably with others;
  • Satisfied – to fulfill desires, expectations, needs or demands; Give full contentment of; to discharge fully all obligations;

This fun little personal vision statement – Sane, stretched, socialized and satisfied at sixty should do me just fine for the next five years.  Check back here for updates on my progress.


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