Shine bright – Be Conceptual

Well it’s been a few year’s since I read Daniel Pink’s  book – A Whole New Mind. I have never been one to read an entire book over the weekend – but this one I did!   I loved the book, and have purchased many copies for friends and recommended it to others.  Every gift book given or recommendation made led to nothing but wonderfully insightful feedback about the book and its ideas.

BeConceptualLightBulbGuy870x400About a week after reading the book I came up with the idea of initiating a community for people that may have similar interests in developing the skills identified in the book. As with most  ideas I let them brew for a few months – or in this case a couple years.  Sometimes ideas come back to me or, like many ideas they disappear forever.  This one came back!  Then disappeared for a while, and now is back after many friends have motivated me to get it going again.

The community is for everyone interested in developing the skills to thrive in the new world!  The skill’s identified by Daniel Pink in A Whole New Mind:

  • Design,
  • Empathy,
  • Meaning,
  • Play,
  • Storytelling, and
  • Symphony

have been adopted along with many additional skills including:

  • Experience Generation,
  • Learning,
  • Social Transaction,
  • Being Genuine,
  • Visual Communication,
  • Community,
  • Creativity,
  • Innovation,
  • Selling,
  • “for the World”  thinking – Mundi,
  • Writing,
  • Awareness and Effective Use of Time

as the set of skills for thriving in the new world.  Daniel Pink’s subsequent books (Drive and To Sell is Human)  have helped validate some of the additional skills I have identified.

The purpose of the community is to share stories, thoughts, ideas, news, publications, tools and techniques related to developing and applying these skills to help us all thrive in the new world.  I’m reworking the community web site and will announce when it is ready to shine bright.

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