Bill’s Life and Living Directives

Over the years I have recorded short directives that I try to follow on a daily basis. Many of the directives are ones that I have come up with, others have come from sources that are long forgotten. During the next two months I will be expanding on these to explain where they came from, what they mean and how they can be used.






As more come to mind over the coming years I’ll keep adding to them. The directives include:

  1. Be genuine
  2. Have influence and bring impact
  3. Do, live and be well
  4. Value others and provide value to others
  5. Communicate to collaborate
  6. Be a friend, to have friends
  7. Dream to inspire
  8. Seek and build flourishing lives and communities
  9. Explore and experience the world, be of the world, and be for the world
  10. Do instead of say or watch
  11. Listen, observe, and always learn
  12. Relax to accomplish
  13. Keep it short, simple and sweet
  14. Be in the moment to maximize the moment
  15. Know the past, to understand the present and shape the future
  16. Live on the edge – “If your not living on the edge your taking up too much space!”
  17. Be conceptual  (develop and use the skills identified on
  18. Analyze the problem as much as the solution
  19. Negate (definition: to nullify or cause to be ineffective) negative emotions – anger, jealousy, hate, envy and others
  20. Make history everyday – Howard Zinn

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