Amusing Ourselves to Death

I prefer to say that we are procrastinating on life, filling in the limited time we have with spoonful’s of cheap low value so called “entertainment” that robs us of the real joys of life obtained through doing, playing, experiencing and participating in a world full of opportunities. If you think that sounds a little harsh – you’re right, it is harsh! It needs to be harsh to snap us out of the “zombie” like state we are in.

BoyWatchingTV870x400Don’t get me wrong. I’m challenged every day! TV and un-focused internet browsing (“e-wandering”) is tempting and easy to fall into – however, every year I have been able to reduce the amount and gradually slow down the “procrastination on life” – or have I? Perhaps blogging with no guarantee of an audience or writing without a particular audience in mind is just another form of “e-wandering” which is helping me to “amuse myself to death”!

<<Originally posted December 13, 2009 on Bill’s old site>>


  1. Every once in a while I revisit a few books in my library. Today I picked out “The Rules of Life” by Richard Templar. I quickly scanned the 100 rules laid out in the book and noticed one that related closely to this topic. Rule 87, on page 188 said it simply and most effectively – Get Involved!

    The author starts off with – “take an interest in your world. Don’t watch it on television but go out there and interact with it. Too many people are living their lives through the lives of others seen on that little screen. Or even living their lives vicariously through the lifes of others in the real world…” He continues with my favourite couple of sentences:

    “There is a great big wide world out there full of life, vitality, energy, experience, drive, excitement. Get involved means get out there and be part of it.”

    I think the author has said it best. I will being taking his words to heart in my remaining years so keep following this post to see how it goes!

    — Originally commented on February 21, 2010 on Bill’s original site

  2. You have to love this quote from Michael Port in his book The Think Big Manifesto:

    “They want us to be tame and predictable, hooked up to the IV of television and shopping, living in our comfortable-life comas.”

    — Originally commented on April 28, 2011 on Bill’s original site

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