Focusing on the now!

Time is our most precious commodity. Too much time focusing on the past or thinking about the future, reduces our time to contribute and live for today.

I have tended to be someone who thinks little of the past, spends too much time planning for the future, and could do much more in the “now”. As I have gotten older I’ve started to appreciate that planning in both life and work is good, but can often be a great form of procrastination – always planning -but never really doing most of what gets planned. Another way to state this is – “A lot of thought and no action”.

TimeCity-585-400As mentioned in the About page of this site – the site is a mechanism for turning ideas into actionable operational initiatives. The reason for this, is based on my need to focus on the now. The initiatives being created through this site, have been in the planning stages for many years. The time to act on them is now!

“Focusing on the now” will be a major theme as this site develops. Feel free to contribute through comments as we explore the details of this subject.


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