Steppin Out from the Norm!

There is so much pressure to be like everyone else. We go through most of our life occasionally rebelling but eventually conforming. Fitting in and doing what everyone else does seems to be the accepted way. As this alignment to the norm occurs over ones life, you gradually formulate you’re comfortable cognitive “happy place” space that you exist within. This space is occasionally stretched by new experiences and interactions with others, but we always fall back to the norm. Portions of your cognitive space may overlap with portions of the cognitive space of others. During interaction with others some alterations to your cognitive space may occur. That’s why Bill’s Blog is focused on building communities through it’s idea-to-initiative approach. Communities support the interaction required to expand and change the shape of our cognitive space (as long as valuable social transactions occur – but that’s another yet to come initiative – more on this later).


We need to step out from the norm, increase the size of and change the shape of our cognitive space, overlap our cognitive space with others. This site and all it’s initiatives are Bill’s initial attempts to “Step Out From The Norm”. Join Bill in steppin out by registering and getting involved with the various initiatives.


<<originally posted April 10, 2009>>

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