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Let me get right to the point – why does Bill need a blog?

I like to think that I have been an idea guy for most of my life. Unfortunately, I have always had lots of ideas but never really moved forward on them! Bringing a good or bad idea along requires reflection, introspection, sharing, ridicule (not all ideas – some are actually good), refinement and lots of effort.


Bill’s Blog is an attempt to start to throw some of these ideas into the public domain for sharing and ridicule (hoping to keep the ridicule to a minimum). Through this sharing I hope to refine the idea and turn it into an initiative that provides value to its participants and benefits as many people as possible.

Some ideas are work related , some are about personal development, and some are about social issues. No matter what the idea, all ideas that move forward will be developed as a community of interest that encourages collaboration and sharing amongst it’s participants and provides value to all.

As ideas are suggested, ridiculed and enhanced they may be retired or moved forward to the initiative stage with a web site of it’s own. From there who knows what could happen!


<<Originally posted April 1, 2009>>

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