You just have to love Manifesto’s!

I’m a collector of manifesto’s .  I love manifesto’s!  The reason why — a great deal of useful thought and important connections get codified in a manifesto.  There is a lot of brain power and design that goes into the creation of a truly effective manifesto.

There are manifesto’s for just about every topic one can imagine. Manifesto’s come in various forms – Word/Phrase combinations, lists, pictures, and even some that come in the form of books (.e.g. The Happiness Manifesto by Nic Marks).   I’m in the process of creating a manifesto for Being Genuine with a few other collaborators.

My current favourite manifesto has to be the Holstee Manifesto which looks similar to many other manifesto’s.  Not sure which manifesto started the “look” that is used in the Holstee Manifesto.

Holstee Manifesto

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