Making an Impact

In some of my work related to well-being, quality of life and happiness I’ve come across the expression “Get HIP”.  “HIP” stands for either Human Impact + Profit or High Impact + Profit.  The expression is usually in the context of business and sustainability with a focus on the environment.  As usual, my first reaction is to explore impact and how you make an impact.

You have to ask What is impact?  Who are the ones being impacted?  Are small positive changes all impactful?  How do you know when you have made an impact?  Are they all being impacted in the same way?  How do you help make an idea or a concept one with impact?

How do you help make an idea or a concept one with impact?

Some of the books I’ve read focus on helping someone take an idea or concept and illustrate how to  make it more impactful.  These books include:

  • The Think Big Manifesto
  • The Impact Equation

The book The Think Big Manifesto by Michael Port helps you make an idea or concept BIG!

Book Notes - The Think Big Manifesto

The book Impact Equation by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith  identifies a useful Impact Equation that helps you develop and promote an idea to have more impact.  The equation is illustrated in the book map below.

Book Notes - The Impact Equation

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