Linking Manifesto and Values

nugg manifesto and values

As I have mentioned before in other posts I am a collector of manifestos. For one of my current initiatives I was recently on a web site called (not .com). I noticed the menu item "Manifesto & Values". The page was comprised of a typical manifesto, but what I liked was that the values were shown along side the manifesto. Here was one page that tells you what you really need to … [Read more...]

Shine bright – Be Conceptual


Well it’s been a few year’s since I read Daniel Pink’s  book – A Whole New Mind. I have never been one to read an entire book over the weekend – but this one I did!   I loved the book, and have purchased many copies for friends and recommended it to others.  Every gift book given or recommendation made led to nothing but wonderfully insightful feedback about the book and its … [Read more...]

My Favourite Ted Talks

Tim Harford: Trial, error and the God Complex Jackson Browne - If I Could Be Anywhere Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity … [Read more...]


Five ways to listen better by Julian Treasure. Some key points made in the presentation: "Listening is making meaning from sound" "Listening is our access to understanding" "We are in danger of losing our listening" "The art of conversation is being lost to personal broadcasting" "We don't want oratory we want sound bites" "We have become desensitized - the media and people have … [Read more...]