Driven to Distraction at Work


I was reading the book driven to distraction at work, by Edward M. Hallowell this weekend.  As I read the introduction and the first chapter it felt like the author had written this book specifically about and for me.  His description of Attention Deficit Trait in the workplace described everything I was going through in work and other initiatives I'm focused on (or at least think I'm focused on). … [Read more...]

Character Strengths and Virtues


We develop our inner "superhero" from a young age. For most of us we don't even know we have super strengths.   In the book Character Strengths and Virtues: A Handbook and Classification by Christopher Peterson and Martin E. P. Seligman they identify several character strengths that are categorized under  six core moral virtues. These are the strengths that make each of us a "superhero". … [Read more...]

How to do Great Work

Book Notes - Great Work

I read the book Great Work - How to make a difference people love over the last couple of weeks.  Its a fairly quick read with lots of useful ideas.  The book is by David Sturt, of the O.C. Tanner Institute.  As with all books I take notes and stick them into a mind-map for easy reference.  The author made it easy this time by summarizing each chapter at the end of … [Read more...]

Mastering your Destiny

I read an interesting article on the Business Insider web site by Max Nisen. The article seemed to be a summary from the book "Mastery" by Robert Green. See the attached file. … [Read more...]

How to be an Explorer of the World


I was pointed to this book by The book How to be an explorer of the World: Portable Life Museum by Keri Smith identifies 59 ideas for how to get creatively unstuck by engaging with everyday objects and your surroundings in novel ways. Lots of great ideas to explorer your world! … [Read more...]

Making an Impact

Book Notes - The Impact Equation

In some of my work related to well-being, quality of life and happiness I've come across the expression "Get HIP".  "HIP" stands for either Human Impact + Profit or High Impact + Profit.  The expression is usually in the context of business and sustainability with a focus on the environment.  As usual, my first reaction is to explore impact and how you make an impact. You have to ask What is … [Read more...]