Time to update the five year personal vision


Every five years near the major birthdays (45, 50, 50, 55...) I update my personal vision for the next five years.  I try to come up with a simple fun saying that will help motivate me to move forward during that five year period. Well its the first day of June.  I will be turning fifty-five in the near future.  My fun little personal vision statement for the last 5 years "Fit, Famous, and … [Read more...]

Steppin Out from the Norm!


There is so much pressure to be like everyone else. We go through most of our life occasionally rebelling but eventually conforming. Fitting in and doing what everyone else does seems to be the accepted way. As this alignment to the norm occurs over ones life, you gradually formulate you’re comfortable cognitive “happy place” space that you exist within. This space is occasionally stretched by new … [Read more...]

Welcome to Bill’s World – The Blog


Let me get right to the point – why does Bill need a blog? I like to think that I have been an idea guy for most of my life. Unfortunately, I have always had lots of ideas but never really moved forward on them! Bringing a good or bad idea along requires reflection, introspection, sharing, ridicule (not all ideas – some are actually good), refinement and lots of effort. Bill’s Blog is an … [Read more...]