The Transition from Millennium Development Goals (MDG) to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)


The Millennium Development Goals where defined in the year 2000 and were meant to give the world stretch goals that would ideally be achieved by 2015. At the Millennium Summit in September 2000 the world adopted the UN Millennium Declaration. This declaration committed nations of the world to partner in trying to achieve a series of time-bound targets that are commonly known as the Millennium … [Read more...]

Driven to Distraction at Work


I was reading the book driven to distraction at work, by Edward M. Hallowell this weekend.  As I read the introduction and the first chapter it felt like the author had written this book specifically about and for me.  His description of Attention Deficit Trait in the workplace described everything I was going through in work and other initiatives I'm focused on (or at least think I'm focused on). … [Read more...]

Human Rights as a way of Life!


As some of you are aware, I have started down the path of understanding and supporting human rights in a local, regional, national and global context.  I am fortunately  being guided down this path by some very knowledgeable people.  Recently I had the honour of meeting for the day with Shulameth Koenig in New York City.  Shula Koenig is a UN Human Rights award winner.  That's the same award … [Read more...]

Character Strengths and Virtues


We develop our inner "superhero" from a young age. For most of us we don't even know we have super strengths.   In the book Character Strengths and Virtues: A Handbook and Classification by Christopher Peterson and Martin E. P. Seligman they identify several character strengths that are categorized under  six core moral virtues. These are the strengths that make each of us a "superhero". … [Read more...]

Things that make you go WOW!


The four horsemen documentary is both scary and motivating. A real eye-opener to how we have stuck our head in the sand and failed to act. Well worth the time to watch, think about, and act on. … [Read more...]

Shine bright – Be Conceptual


Well it’s been a few year’s since I read Daniel Pink’s  book – A Whole New Mind. I have never been one to read an entire book over the weekend – but this one I did!   I loved the book, and have purchased many copies for friends and recommended it to others.  Every gift book given or recommendation made led to nothing but wonderfully insightful feedback about the book and its … [Read more...]

A Great Motivator for Exercise


Wow - what a great motivation for exercise!   I found this image at  The list is from Neila Rey. Check out her site at  Over the last 5 years I have had the ability to increase the amount and frequency of exercise in my life.  I have thankfully experienced many of the benefits.  The last one on the list - improves … [Read more...]

Bill’s Life and Living Directives


Over the years I have recorded short directives that I try to follow on a daily basis. Many of the directives are ones that I have come up with, others have come from sources that are long forgotten. During the next two months I will be expanding on these to explain where they came from, what they mean and how they can be used.         As more come to mind … [Read more...]

You just have to love Manifesto’s!


I'm a collector of manifesto's .  I love manifesto's!  The reason why — a great deal of useful thought and important connections get codified in a manifesto.  There is a lot of brain power and design that goes into the creation of a truly effective manifesto. There are manifesto's for just about every topic one can imagine. Manifesto's come in various forms - Word/Phrase combinations, lists, … [Read more...]

Time to update the five year personal vision


Every five years near the major birthdays (45, 50, 50, 55...) I update my personal vision for the next five years.  I try to come up with a simple fun saying that will help motivate me to move forward during that five year period. Well its the first day of June.  I will be turning fifty-five in the near future.  My fun little personal vision statement for the last 5 years "Fit, Famous, and … [Read more...]

A quick search for Well-being


One of my Internet non-profit initiatives is In that initiative I look at what it means to be a good person, team, community, region, company, country, and a good world. In exploring what it means to be a good person, I wandered into trying to understand what the “good life” was. As part of that investigation I explored the concept of happiness. One would think that happiness … [Read more...]

Amusing Ourselves to Death


I prefer to say that we are procrastinating on life, filling in the limited time we have with spoonful’s of cheap low value so called “entertainment” that robs us of the real joys of life obtained through doing, playing, experiencing and participating in a world full of opportunities. If you think that sounds a little harsh – you’re right, it is harsh! It needs to be harsh to snap us out of the … [Read more...]

What is your purpose type?


Some people are lucky in that they find a meaningful purpose early in life, and live their life guided by that purpose. I wasn’t one of those people! I like most, went through two-thirds of my personal and work life without a clear purpose. Like most I went through life doing what was expected, achieved what I needed to achieve, but always thinking that there had to be something more. That feeling … [Read more...]

Focusing on the now!


Time is our most precious commodity. Too much time focusing on the past or thinking about the future, reduces our time to contribute and live for today. I have tended to be someone who thinks little of the past, spends too much time planning for the future, and could do much more in the “now”. As I have gotten older I've started to appreciate that planning in both life and work is good, but can … [Read more...]

Steppin Out from the Norm!


There is so much pressure to be like everyone else. We go through most of our life occasionally rebelling but eventually conforming. Fitting in and doing what everyone else does seems to be the accepted way. As this alignment to the norm occurs over ones life, you gradually formulate you’re comfortable cognitive “happy place” space that you exist within. This space is occasionally stretched by new … [Read more...]

Welcome to Bill’s World – The Blog


Let me get right to the point – why does Bill need a blog? I like to think that I have been an idea guy for most of my life. Unfortunately, I have always had lots of ideas but never really moved forward on them! Bringing a good or bad idea along requires reflection, introspection, sharing, ridicule (not all ideas – some are actually good), refinement and lots of effort. Bill’s Blog is an … [Read more...]