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Let me get right to the point – why does Bill need a blog? I like to think that I have been an idea guy for most of my life. Unfortunately, I have always had lots of ideas but never really moved forward on them! Bringing a good or bad idea along requires reflection, introspection, sharing, ridicule (not all ideas – some are actually good), refinement and lots of effort. Bill’s Blog is an … [Read more...]

My Favourite Ted Talks

Tim Harford: Trial, error and the God Complex Jackson Browne - If I Could Be Anywhere Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity … [Read more...]


Five ways to listen better by Julian Treasure. Some key points made in the presentation: "Listening is making meaning from sound" "Listening is our access to understanding" "We are in danger of losing our listening" "The art of conversation is being lost to personal broadcasting" "We don't want oratory we want sound bites" "We have become desensitized - the media and people have … [Read more...]